Q: My remote isn’t working, do I need a new one?

A: Make sure you are holding the remote within range of the garage door opener and that the motors antenna is hanging down. Replace the batteries in the device if necessary and check that it has been correctly programmed. Still not working? You might need to purchase a new remote; make sure that it is compatible with your opener, or select a universal model.

Q: I have two springs, but only one is broken. Do I have to replace both, or can I just replace the one?

A: While you do not HAVE to replace both, it is highly recommended. When there are two springs attached to a garage door they work together to fully lift and close your garage door, which means if one has failed the other will not be far behind. Having a broken spring can cause the door to become lopsided or put strain on the tracks, which can lead to more costly repairs.

Q: What is the difference between a wood and steel door?

A: Wood garage doors offer a wide variety of options. You can find anything from standard, raised-panel designs to doors that mimic the ornate styles commonly used on the carriage houses of the 18th and 19th centuries. Wood doors are also available in several species, either paint or stain grade.

Steel garage doors are usually more economical than wood doors and are the most common type of garage door. Most manufacturers offer several colors out of the box. You can also paint the door to match your home. There are three distinct types of steel doors to choose from: single, double, and triple layer doors.