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Garage Door Customer Service Appraisals customer service garage door repair

customer service garage door repair

“Our garage door opener remote seemed to have legs because one day it just disappeared. After hours of searching for it we finally decided to call for a new one. We were surprised at how expensive most companies prices were until we found this company. The guy was super fast at getting to our home and had a brand new remote for our type of garage door opener already with him. If this one decides to walk off too, we already know who we’re calling! Thanks again!”

    • Brittany Thompson Canby, Oregon

Published on April 8th, 2014


“My teen daughter decided it would be a good idea to test drive the car without a license and ended up crashing into my garage. Luckily only a couple of panels were broken and not the entire door, but I didn’t know if it would still be able to function or not. I called D&L and they were very professional, the technician did not try to up sell me anything and he replaced the panels on the spot. If my daughter ever decides to go on a joy ride again, I’ll definitely be calling D&L.”

    • Patricia Sasse, Hillsboro, Oregon.

Published January 4th, 2014


“These guys are awesome. They replaced my broken track on the spot and were very fast. Thanks a lot.”

    • Lisa Steiner, Gresham, Oregon.

Published March 31st, 2014


“I called D&L at 4 in the morning because as I was leaving for work, my garage door decided to get stuck open. Not wanting to have anything get stolen, I called around to multiple companies to no avail. Luckily, I found these guys! They were extremely delightful on the phone and very prompt coming over to my home. They were able to fix the problem on the spot, and for way less than I thought. Will be saving your contact information for future occasions. Thanks guys.”

    • Daniel Molina, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Published February 2nd, 2014


“This is a Amazing company. I live in Beaverton, and I called D&L Garage Doors to fix my broken spring. The lady on phone was super nice ,and they where there in 15 minutes! Will use them again.”

    • Dana Robinson, Beaverton, Oregon.

               Published September 6th, 2013


“They provide Fast and great Service / Repair on my Garage Door.”

    • Christina Richardson, Portland, Oregon.

                 Published August 21st, 2013


“Truly Five stars in my book. I will keep their number and will be calling D&L Garage Door back for any problem with my garage door and opener .”

    • Steve Robinson , Vancouver, Washington.  Published Apr 6, 2013 


“I am a property manager at an HOA management company. We have worked with this company for several years, but they out-did themselves on this one! One of our members accidentally ran through a garage door with their car, causing a huge nightmare for us. D&L Garage Doors was able to come out the same day and REPLACED the door! Every other company we called that morning said that it would take between 2-4 weeks , but the guys at D&L Garage Doors did it in a day !!! They definitely got the job done .”

    • Caleb Thomas in North Portland , Oregon  Published May 14,2013 


These are just some of the many compliments we get for our customer service each day here at D&L Garage Door Repair in Portland, Oregon. We strive to provide the best possible customer service all at low, low prices. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure all your garage needs are met, no matter what time of day! Make sure to call us or check us out on Facebook and spread the word about this fantastic company that is completely dedicated to providing you the best customer service for your garage door repair and replacement needs.

We know what you want the best customer service in a garage door company, and that’s us!