Wayne Dalton to be Shown on “How It’s Made”

wayne dalton garage door

Wayne Dalton’s Wooden Garage Door is on The Science Channel’s “How It’s Made”

Wayne Dalton, a leading garage door manufacturer was asked by The Science Channel to be featured on their hit show “How It’s Made”. In April 2014 production began with the show focusing on Wayne Dalton’s custom – and slightly odd – way of making their wooden garage doors: each door is hand crafted by a local Amish craftsman.  In just 12 hours, The Science Channel had a new segment for its show, which one main focus is on the precise and quick way the Amish craftsmen are able to custom cut and insert glass by hand.

These beautiful wooden doors are completely custom and the show will highlight the entire artisan process – from building the core, to the customization of the door, to final inspection. “We are looking forward to the final cut,” said Bob Dickerson, Wayne Dalton factory manager. “Products that are made in America by hand are hard to come by in today’s world. The inside-look that Science Channel viewers will get should be great, not only for our business, but the garage door industry as a whole.”

Wayne Dalton boasts a huge line of completely customizable wood garage doors for any style home, and range in price depending on the intricacy of the door, the type of wood, the style of windows, and more. These doors are beautiful and will compliment any home while adding to the resale value of your house!

Check out their wide selection of beautiful garage doors on Wayne Dalton’s website. We can also order and install any wooden garage door for you!