Garage Door Track Supports and Mounting

garage door repairA jamb brackets is what connects the vertical track to the jamb and is recommended for heavier doors. With this system, angles provide most of support to the horizontal tracks. One angle is attached to the horizontal track and leads to the flag bracket. The other end connects to a reinforced angle. This design supports the entire horizontal track assembly. With heavy commercial doors an additional angle at the middle of the door is included to improve functionality and to help avoid bending tracks. 

The flag bracket consolidates where the vertical and horizontal tracks converge. The 15” bracket serves as a specialized angle. Attached to the flag bracket is the horizontal angle which travels past the track curve. The flag bracket facilitates the horizontal track as well as vertical track.

The alternative method

An alternative method involves mounting a bracket to the header with an angle attached it. The alternative bracket usually comes with a bearing for the torsion shaft. Use a jamb bracket for the remaining track mounting at the point where the horizontal and vertical tracks converge. This is the preferred mounting structure for Windsor,Barcol, Overhead, and Crawford doors.

High lift tracks require support with high lift plates. High lift plates are manufactured from 5” to 20” and are sold with a 1”part that attaches to the jamb, and a 2” part that attaches to the high lift plate. This design adds maximum support.

Horizontal tracks arrive either riveted or welded to the angle. Wayne Dalton offers a special bracket to be inserted at the point of convergence and fastened to the angle. Pre-riveted vertical track cannot be adjusted to the jamb. Despite this rather large disadvantage, pre-riveted track is the most popular option among residential customers. To effectively adjust the track and properly secure the door against the jamb, we recommend using track bolts to stabilize the vertical track.

Track bolts – complete with flange nuts – are designed with a unique guard against bolt loosening. Upon inserting the track bolt you will find the bolt turns in one direction only and will not come out on its own. The flange nut functions as a washer. Older arrangements include a bolt, 2 washers and a nut.

The size of a jamb bracket ranges from 1-14. The dimensions designate the distance from the jamb to the center of the hole, not the length of the bracket. For example, if the distance from the jamb to the center of the hole is 3”, its size is 3.