Garage Door Repair – How to Repair or Replace a Track

garage door track repairDo you have garage doors at home? They are really helpful, right? They provide maximum security toyour belongings like your vehicles or other home tools. With proper maintenance, they can serve you for the years, maybe even decades to come. However, there will be a day that they will already fail because they are already old. Some components may start to wear off and an immediate action must be done.

Repairing it on Your Own

Seeking for garage door repair services is not the last resort. If you are manly enough, you should be the one fixing simple issues in your home. An example is a damaged garage door track. An emergency garage door repair Seattle service is not the solution if you find out that your door track has already worn. But, how does it wear off? Read more and find out!

Garage door tracks work together with the rollers and the hinges in opening and closing your garage door. If the track is very close, the hinge and the roller may bind together. On the other hand, if the track is very far, the roller may be out of the hinge during movement of the garage door. This is why the track shaft must be ½ inch to ¾ inch visible. If you see your rollers too close or too loose, adjustments to the garage door track is needed.

Should You Replace Them?

Since the tracks are composed of metal alloys, they can oxidize and form rust. This is the time that you need to replace them. The assembly of the door track comes in 2 pieces and they are attached by bolts. Each of the garage doors contains 2 straight track pieces and 2 other pieces that has a curved end.

Prior to removing the garage track, find first something that will hold the door in place. Aside from that, also unhook the door opener, so it can’t be opened by anyone.

Replace first the overhead track, but be sure to close the door. Remove the bolts of the bad shaped track and then replace with the new one and put back the bolts where they are located originally.

Remove the track bolts and then switch off the rollers and then remove them. Place the new track in its proper place and put back the bolts in their proper location. The door must be properly snuggled up to the portion of the weather-stripping and the bolts should be carefully tightened. And presto! Everything is done!

Check before Opening

Before opening the garage door, check all the bolts if there are properly tightened and check if the track is aligned properly. Also check the ½ inch to ¾ show of the track shaft. If everything is good, try to open your garage door and yes, you made it by yourself without a garage door repair service!

Now you are confident to do things by yourself. If there are problems with your garage door, no more emergency garage door repair Seattle services, but instead, do it yourself repair and replacement is the solution!