How to Deal with Garage Door Springs?

garage door spring portlandYou must have noticed the springs attached to your garage door and door opener, but you may not realize the essentiality of these. They are the main components that aid in raising and lowering a garage door allowing it to open and close smoothly. However, these springs also have a lot of tension wound in them and if not handled carefully can be dangerous. One of the major reasons why your garage door ceases to function can be broken springs. Here are a few things you should know about garage door springs.

Types: There are two kinds of springs which help in the functioning of a garage door namely the Extension Springs and the Torsion Springs. The Extension Springs are big, metallic springs placed vertically at either side of the door which stretch when the door is closed. The Torsion Springs on the other hand are attached on a steel bar placed across the top of the door and hold a lot of tension. If any of the two springs breaks, it is highly likely that the others will follow, therefore all should be replaced at once.

Reasons for breaking:  The question is,why door springs bend or break? One reason could be that the springs have either not been properly installed or have not received the required maintenance. Another reason could be the affect of the extreme weather on the springs causing them to weaken and break. If the garage door is old, then it is obvious that the springs have undergone wear and tear. Also, if the springs are not well adjusted they may break off and injure your fingers

Replacement: What do you dowhen a garage door spring snaps suddenly leaving the door shut and locking your car and belongings in the shed with no way of retrieving them? Though this question arises very frequently it is quelled with the same response: Never try to replace or touch a broken spring yourself! The garage door springs are hazardous and can cause serious injuries to an amateur. No matter how many DIYs you have read or how much you know about the springs, if you haven’t ever replaced the garage door springs, it is better to steer clear of them. Call in a professional garage door repair company and get help as soon as possible.

It is only wise to get a skilled technician to get rid of the old springs and replace with new ones as they are trained individuals and are equipped with the best tools to handle the garage door repairs. The springs are a delicate machinery and should be dealt with a lot of precaution.