Cartoon like fake garage doors?

We all know having a garage door is a luxury.  Having garage doors with openers, insulated doors, decorative glass, kegarage door repair pdxypads, and even the units that can control your lights and thermostats are even better.  Well, it seems some are taking solitocity to a whole new level.
David Geffen of Geffen records has fake garage doors installed at his beach front property to prevent others from parking in front and/or near by.
Seeing one of these false doors upfront and in person are something out of a cartoon.  We all know the fake painting Wile E. Coyote or The Road Runner would do to dupe the other into a decoy of some sort.  It also can be used as some sort of secret James Bond or bat cave entrance.  Mr. Bond would drive his fancy MI6 BMW or whatever European luxury car into some fake entrance and be taken underground to some sort of secret training facility of classified headquarters.  Then there’s Batman that would have a garage door disguised as a hill or mountain face that would be seamless to the unsuspecting average person.  Something like this would be a very expensive custom job to find the materials and schematics necessary for the completion.