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Garage Door Track Supports and Mounting

A jamb brackets is what connects the vertical track to the jamb and is recommended for heavier doors. With this system, angles provide most of support to the horizontal tracks. One angle is attached to the horizontal track and leads to the flag bracket. The other end connects to a reinforced angle. This design supports […]

How to Deal with Garage Door Springs?

You must have noticed the springs attached to your garage door and door opener, but you may not realize the essentiality of these. They are the main components that aid in raising and lowering a garage door allowing it to open and close smoothly. However, these springs also have a lot of tension wound in […]

Wayne Dalton to be Shown on “How It’s Made”

Wayne Dalton’s Wooden Garage Door is on The Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” Wayne Dalton, a leading garage door manufacturer was asked by The Science Channel to be featured on their hit show “How It’s Made”. In April 2014 production began with the show focusing on Wayne Dalton’s custom – and slightly odd – way […]

5 Easy Home Improvement Ideas

Do You Want to Revamp Your Home? Try These Easy Tricks Since many of us work the 9-5 grind, it can be difficult to find the time to update your home without spending all weekend doing so. There are many tips and tricks that can help improve your homes image without breaking the bank, and […]

Cartoon like fake garage doors?

We all know having a garage door is a luxury.  Having garage doors with openers, insulated doors, decorative glass, keypads, and even the units that can control your lights and thermostats are even better.  Well, it seems some are taking solitocity to a whole new level. David Geffen of Geffen records has fake garage doors […]

Troubleshooting Garage Door Opener Problems

A Troubleshooting Guide to Garage Door Opener Problems  Garage door openers come in all different shapes and sizes, but almost all of them have the same parts that will fail at one time or another. Calling a garage door company can get expensive, and may suggest you replace your opener without really looking for the […]

New Garage Door

Need a new garage door? D&L Garage Doors serves the entire Portland metro area and other surrounding area, and offers installation of brand-new garage doors! We take pride and satisfaction in our garage door services, and with our punctual, polite, expert repair professionals we will certainly correct your garage door trouble, whenever it’s convenient for […]

D&L Garage Doors

“At D&L garage doors you will find skilled and experienced technicians who are always ready with a fully outfitted response truck, equipped with everything needed to provide you a complete service on your garage door or garage door opener 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we are fully […]